I welcome your enquiries, suggestions and comments.

Poll on your website

Hi Mary, I think your new website is great. However the poll site is not letting me record any comment on it! Just wanted to let you know that it does not seem to be working. I have one of your pictures and get lots of pleasure from it. You are an extremely gifted woman!

Your paintings

I really adore your painting, the colours, the shapes, the emotions, they just really get to me. Thank you for sharing...wished I could share your artwork on fb. Have a lovely summer!

pricing on paintings

Hi Mary,
Congrats on the Connemara paintings! I'm wondering if you sell overseas! I'm living in Montana as you know but would love one of your paintings. I'm wondering what the prices are on 9007 and 7029 and what the shipping would be too. Can you let me know? In the meantime, enjoy the summer!
Cris Mulvey


Hello Mary,
I am on this mode of communication at last. Thinking about you these times and I cut out a magnificant photo of yourself in the press last year.
Nollaig shona agus aithbhliain faoi mhaise dhuit
Elizabeth Mansfield


I've just spent a most enjoyable hour or more reviewing the pitches- and I fully endorse your decision!
I?m still mooning over ?Lillies in Spring? and turning out the piggy bank.... but you can sleep easy now knowing my broken heart is mending!

I loved reading the various entries...just lovely. Chuffed to be up there on your site, thanks for taking the time to show all my love bombs!

I'm sooooo looking forward to my visit....
From Frances, Beck and Kitty. XXX

your garden path

Dear Mary,

Thanks for letting me know about who won. It was very sweet of Rebecca to draw you a picture because she loved your painting so much. Some day, in the not too distant future, she'll be snapping at your heels as a mature artist - and she's showing talent already!

So congratulations to Rebecca and Sharon - commiserations to me. If ever my ship comes home I'll be down to your studio to buy your painting of your garden path.

Warm regards,

Thanks for calendar

Mary I love my painting & was delighted to get your lovely calendar! I have no computer (it died) so e-mail is not practical just yet. Have a good Christmas wherever you spend it. Gerry


Hi there, just found your website while looking through artintheopen members. I'm the Kevin who had the cheek to suggest you shorten that wall, raise that roof etc. Wish I had half the spontaneity and life in my work that I see in yours.
I see (from a mock-up of the brochure)that you are one of the invited artists for the August bash, so should see there if not at the next paint-out which is rumoured to be in your neck of the woods.
Kevin Freeney

Coastal Scene

My husband, Duff and I live in Victoria British Columbia Canada. We recently inherited a number of art pieces from his Auntie Eileen Byass. One of the paintings named "Coastal Scene" is signed M DUFFY. We have looked at your website and believe this lovely painting may be one of yours. There is no date on the picture and we do not know anything about when or where she purchased it. We were wondering if you could tell us if it is one of yours and when it was painted.
Thank you, Pam McCaghey
Pam McCaghey

Powerful stuff!

I just clicked on your work while checking the plein air event...I am a painter from

Your work is inspired! Great!

I have developed some art programs for people with disability...and am currently trying to design art equipment --easel..etc for people who are challenged in various ways-Wheelchair etc.I have worked mostly with mental health and older people...

It would be great to meet you some time.

Deirdre Walsh

my graduate work


I am working on a master's degree in liberal studies at Empire State College in New York City. I first read about your work in a text by Laura Nead. I was wondering if I might ask you some questions relating to your art and life as a disabled artist. I would be really interested and appreciate hearing your opinions on the representation of people who live with a disability.

I hope this is not to forward of me. I am a photographer and painter in New York (not very well known but still working after 30 years?) Now I am teaching at the New York College of Technology. I teach Production for Graphic Designers, Color Theory and Digital Imaging?It helps to pay the bills!

I am late in life pursuing a Masters degree to further my possibilities as a professor but I am finding the journey very exciting, being exposed to many different avenues of research than I have had in my career as a photographer. Anyway I am rambling?sorry.

Please let me know if you think it would be possible to have a conversation of sorts with you. I am not sure how best to present my questions to you or how best for you to answer them. Possibly we could converse through something like SKYPE, I often talk to friends in Italy this way. I could also email some questions to you and you could respond how ever you like.

At any rate, I really appreciate the work you have done and what you are doing now.

I look forward to hearing from you,



Paul D'Innocenzo
Paul D'Innocenzo

your site

Hi Mary
just a note to let you know i checked out your siteas promised. It was very easy to navigate and full of varied sections.

I really love your show reel for fur and your artist statement very down to earth, honest and real. It was a pleasure to work and get to know a little about you during your show in signal.

Be happy, be free and keep shining
Denis (from Signal)
Denis Dunne

lovin your work!

Hi Mary
Saw a postcard for your exhibition over the weekend and subsequently visited the website - would love to have some of your work at home so would you be able to forward me a pricing catalogue.
Hope you are keeping well

Love Jim
jim beresford

I love your work, Mary

Mary, I would love to receive an invitation to any art exhibition you might have on in Bray as I live there. Your work is wonderful, so powerful and vivid and extraordinary, also your web site is just amazing, very relaxing to just browse through it. Regards - Mary Fleming
Mary F.

You may not remember me....?

Found your web site and so happy to read about you and see your photograph. My memories are the first three years of your life. I looked after you on a part time basis, weekends and school holidays. (Arden rd Tullamore)

Mary, you were a happy, strong willed toddler & fearless.
Fell a lot ended up in hospital head injuries.I remember your artifical arms, when i would take you out in the pram to the swimming pool I would remove the arms and set the little hand free. We went to the fun fair a ride in the bumpers(your Dad nearly had a fit) I supported your chest area and you used your feet to drive, you were very active and had high energy levels. You had life and spirit in your eyes. And I hope you still have the same to day. I dont think we ever met after that, I left school went to Dublin to work now married in Cheltenham ,have two boys, both in Cardiff,

I like your paintings

I have just found the site need to read more about you, felt I needed to send you this email.

Mary your paintings are beautiful, I have explored your site in detail and it is wonderful.

You may not remember me and what harm,I remember you Mary Duffy, Artist.
Nice to see you again.
Carmel Crofts (Hanley)Marian PLace

Just admiration of your art

Dear Mary,

I just saw "Fur." I could tell that you were not a "special effect," but a real person. I wondered about you, found your name in the credits, and looked for you on the 'net, so found your site. I admire your enthusiasum for getting ou there, too! You are amazing! My favorite painting is Oak Tree. Your style, particularly in that composition, reminds me very much of a group of California impressionist painters (circa 1890-1960) called Plein Air painters for their habit of painting directly from nature, out of doors. If you are ever in Southern California, I suggest you visit the Irvine Museum in Irvine, CA. It is a small museum, but they own a large collection of California impressionist paintings and rotate exhibits.
You are a very talented artist and determined person. I am pleased to have discovered your story for myself, because I need the example right now.

Best of luck and thank you for the website.

Sherrie Zhan
Sherrie Zhan

proposed dissertation topic

Hi I've just found your site.
I,m starting my dissertation for my BA hons in Design hoping to become an artit therapist when I grow up(I'm 47)My day job is a support worker with people who need support because of a physical or learning disability and I'm just as passionate about my work as I am about art.(I work for Prospects in case you have heard of the charity)This is leads into the subject I have for dissertation.What is the Body beautiful? Do we have to be perfect?Can a visual image change attitude? As you are a working artist I would really value any comments you would make. Many Thanks Lianne Rogers
lianne Rogers

just want to say..........

Hi Mary,
I was just reading about you in my health psychology book...I fell on one of your quotes...and right away, I searched your name online...and WOW...your paintings are powerful and filled with energy...and are beautiful.
Keep it up!

Magda Baczkowska

The Body and Self-Image

Lianne Rogers-studying at Coleg Menai, Bangor N,Wales BA (hons) Design

The Body and Self-Image

sorry for the delay in getting back to you.... I am happy to help you in whatever way I can, but I am finding it really hard to respond to a question such as you pose "What is the Body beautiful? Do we have to be perfect? Can a visual image change attitude?
My response is tha
The body is beautiful
We are all perfect as we are
Yes, a visual image can change attitudes, but can also entrench them

All I can say is that after years of thinking about these issues, I have come to the conclusion that people's responses are a direct reflection of their own relationship with themselves, and their own relationship with their own self image.

I made a series of radio programmes once on disabled people like me, who are 'Bolshy', and dont take any nonsense. I recall one contributer who said that she had people falling over themselves offering to help her, but never once did anyone ever get up in her support when she was being asked to leave a restaurant.... (Yes, it does happen quite a lot)

Not sure if this is of any good to you, but it really stuck in my mind as it also reflects my own experience.


Thanks for your reply.It really will help, I think you are so right when you say peoples responses reflect their own relationship with self image. Just look at all the girls starving themselves to look like not most women just 5 or 6 top models.
I support people with learning and physical disabilities and your comment brought out a memory long forgotten. I was with two people I was supporting and we had arranged to meet some other people at a cafe. We all arrived at the same time and went in to look for a table. One of the man in the other groups was asked to leave (in an aggressive way) finger pointing to the door and shouting "get him out I've got other customers to think of" this chap had only walked in and tried to find a table can't speak so hadn't been noisy.The woman who was with me (just happens to have Downes)shouted very loudly "it's rubbish in here" she came to her mates rescue
before anyone could think of a thing to say, needless to say we were glad to leave, who would want to eat there?
I just hope that visual image of the body is changing now for the better and as artists we have a tool that we can use to help this happen.
Take care and hope your holiday went well.

Lianne Rogers-studying at Coleg Menai, Bangor N,Wales BA (hons) Design
Lianne Rogers-studying at Coleg Menai, Bangor N,Wales BA (hons) Design

Your work and website

Helo Mary,
I find your website excellent - full of impact, content, and easy to navigate.
Ii find your painting does it for me - the portrait drawings are very accomplished -but the painting resonates with your strength, and passionate engagement with the colour of our wonderful world. Perhaps your high colour could benefit from more neutrals to set it off, but I am biased towards greys after 2 years with Paddy Graham!
Good to talk the other evening, if you are down this way imbibing the landscape, drop in and partake of some tea.
All the best, Lynne
Lynne Foster Fizgerald